28 Nov

The Slog.

Serial child-napping fraud George Hibbert is still at large and in practice. Can Jeremy Hunt explain why?

The last few days have seen the spotlight on a Left-dominated Rotherham Council behaving in….well, the manner we’ve grown used to when it comes to Left-dominated local Councils.

More is going to emerge very soon as to what’s going down in  Rotherbedlam. But most people still (inexplicably) think that insanity and corruption at local level, once revealed, will be dealt with. Oh dear. Take a look at the bent Staffordshire childcare psychiatrist unmasked by The Slog and others three years ago. Presumably by now he is residing at Her Majesty’s pleasure, yes?


The infamous ‘doctor’ George Hibbert – whose potty ideas have been a paedophile’s charter ever since he began peddling them years ago – is unbelievably still in business. I first encountered this man while investigating care home abuse in Staffordshire…

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