NaturalNews – Fukushima Director Warns Britain It May Be Next – 2 December 2013

2 Dec

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Naturalnews-Logo2(NaturalNews) In an interview with the Guardian, the man in charge of Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has warned that a similar disaster could easily befall any of the world’s nuclear power plants.

Commenting on the United Kingdom’s plans to build a new generation of nuclear plants in Somerset, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) president Naomi Hirose said that the British nuclear power industry needs to be “prepared for the worst.”

“What happened at Fukushima was, yes, a warning to the world,” he said.

Following a 9.0 earthquake and tsunami in 2011, the Fukushima plant suffered a triple meltdown and the worst nuclear accident the world had seen since the 1986 Chernobyl meltdown. Nearly three years later, the Fukushima site continues to contaminate Japan’s air, land and water, and may even continue to cause health problems as far away as California.

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What Happened to Miriam Carey?

7 Oct

How The Policy Exchange Manufactured Public Support For Workfare

30 Sep

the void

Osborne-mrbeanGeorge Osborne is pulling rank on Iain Duncan Smith and is expected to announce yet another pie in the sky mass workfare scheme this morning.  Whilst at the time of writing the current plans for forced labour are not fully clear, it is likely they will be based on two recent reports from hard right think tanks promoting unpaid work.

The first came from the Tax Payer’s Alliance (TPA) and was the kind of swivel-eyed nonsense that might be expected from a bunch of Jeremy Clarkson wannabes with too much time on their hands.  The second, from the Policy Exchange, was more nuanced, even going so far as to attack the TPA’s  workfare plans as prohibitively expensive – an embarrassing assessment of a report written by a group who pretend their main focus is on saving the tax payer money.

The arguments for the Policy Exchange’s plan – which is…

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CAMERON & THE MANIPULATORS: Why a whore never turns on his pimps.

16 May

The Slog

camwhoreptLast night, UK Prime Minister David Cameron “threatened” to prosecute the four oil giants who stand accused (along with intermediary price reporter Platts) of manipulating the oil price for their own advantage – if they’re found guilty. Why is he only threatening to do so? And why did he only threaten to do so after the EC had already caught them at it?

Let me give you a simple answer to each question. Cameron can only threaten, because energy providers – like bankers – are more equal before the law than the rest of us. And he has only made the threat after the EC went ahead with their raids because there is no way any British government would risk evoking the ire of these criminal sociopaths. Mr Cameron, and most politicians at his level, are nothing more than ordures on the shoes of oilmen.

Consider where the trail leads…

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4 Jan
28 Nov

The Slog

Serial child-napping fraud George Hibbert is still at large and in practice. Can Jeremy Hunt explain why?

The last few days have seen the spotlight on a Left-dominated Rotherham Council behaving in….well, the manner we’ve grown used to when it comes to Left-dominated local Councils.

More is going to emerge very soon as to what’s going down in  Rotherbedlam. But most people still (inexplicably) think that insanity and corruption at local level, once revealed, will be dealt with. Oh dear. Take a look at the bent Staffordshire childcare psychiatrist unmasked by The Slog and others three years ago. Presumably by now he is residing at Her Majesty’s pleasure, yes?


The infamous ‘doctor’ George Hibbert – whose potty ideas have been a paedophile’s charter ever since he began peddling them years ago – is unbelievably still in business. I first encountered this man while investigating care home abuse in Staffordshire…

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27 Nov

Mike Sivier's blog

Iain Duncan Smith probably went home last night feeling satisfied that he had done his job well, putting forward his case for benefit cuts that will push thousands – maybe hundreds of thousands – of people out of their homes, on the BBC’s Question Time. After all, he had the last word, didn’t he?

Perhaps he didn’t count on the absolute twatting he received from the inhabitants of the social media.

Those who had seen the show wasted no time in putting forward their opinions about the clash between Smith and socialist “braying jackal” Owen Jones. Here’s what happened and what they said.

The question that sparked the clash was about whether the Work and Pensions Secretary’s plan to cap benefits would push large families out of their homes in London.

Yvette Cooper, also on this week’s panel, said the full consequences of the benefit cap and other measures being…

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26 Nov

Eyre International - Bringing You The News No One Else Wants To Bring You

Israel’s rape of Gaza’s Natural Resources 

 What the conflict is really about

 Israel is openly taking Palestinian gas from the Gaza offshore marine area

 Back in 2000 Gas was discovered close to shore off Gaza. The vast majority of this vital resource lies within the Gaza Marine Area. Israel from the onset decided it wanted the entire field for its own purposes having decided to changeover to Natural Gas as the main fuel for its power stations and industry. Two plans were originally drawn up.


  • Take the gas by sub-sea pipeline to El Arish (Egypt) and then by sub-sea pipeline to Ashkelon (making it look like Egyptian Gas)


  • Take the Gas directly to Ashekelon.


In December 2007, BG Group withdrew from negotiations with the Government of Israel for the sale of gas from the Gaza Marine field to Israel. In January 2008, BG Group closed its office in Israel…

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26 Nov
25 Nov

21st Century Wire

Full public inquiry and special commission must happen now

Peter Sterry
21st Century Wire

As the rippling waves emanating from the cesspool that is Sir Jimmy Savile’s legacy break on the shores of the British establishment, it is becoming increasingly clear how the establishment is attempting once again to protect its own.

In response both to Tom Watson’s questioning in the House of Commons – and the fabulous impromptu exposure by Philip Schofield (an event surely set to become legendary in television history) British Prime Minister David Cameron’s singular response is that anyone with any evidence should go to the Police, regardless of how powerful the accused may be. Is Cameron aware that multiple victims in the North Wales inquiry names the same high ranking Tory politician, and in at least one case, the police deemed their testimony as “fantasy”? For a Prime Minister, it is a breathtakingly, though…

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